Lawrence Miles – Again

And this is why I don’t want him to stop posting…

Top marks for the Judoon’s use of the phrase “cold case”, though. This obviously presents us with the potential for a Judoon spin-off in the style of Waking the Dead, starring Trevor Eve as a tough, uncompromising space-rhino with relationship issues.

You know, that could work…

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1 Response to Lawrence Miles – Again

  1. All this time, and I never knew you had a blog!Kate and I are over on Livejournal — and respectively.Oh, and good to see someone peg Lawrence’s recurring problem with grasping other frames of reference. One of these days I’ll have to track down that interview again where he accused “Walking to Babylon” of representing part of a Thatcherite campaign of cultural neutering, or something, because it featured a Victorian character who failed to be a whoring bastard (on the grounds that he was a repressed nerd)…

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