I Shall Eviscerate You In Fiction – Part 2

The question for any writer when faced with criticism is simple – having restrained yourself from homicide what should you do next?
Walk away, turn the other cheek, do unto others as you would have them do unto you…etc etc. Us writers, let’s be honest, are driven by an arrogant sense of entitlement so this is not really an option unless — The insulter is high up in the publishing, film or news media and is likely to retaliate in kind. The insulter is much, much, bigger than you or under the age of criminal responsibility. You happen to be in a lasting relationship with sex, bed and/or food being conditional on your good behaviour.

Eviscerate them in fiction. This is the preferred choice ever since a popular Archean female singing trio dismissed the Iliad as a trite war story and ended up being depicted as murderous women headed birds. Try to keep it in proportion though; Micheal Creighton portrayed one of his critics as a child rapist with a tiny penis which is overkill, everybody knows that on the sliding scale of fictional evisceration a bad review merits a horrible death (real or social depending on genre) – they’d have to be something personal involved to get me up to Creightonian levels.

So remember my fellow writers: kill em in fiction, is cheaper, less likely to get you arrested and almost as much fun as the real thing.(1)

(1) If it isn’t you are not a writer but a psychopath please report to your local mental health institution and turn yourself in.

About Paul Graham Raven

Science fiction, foresight, (post)humanities, infrastructure futures research. Guitarist, scruffy mountebank. Opinions mine, not my employer's. Velcro City · http://www.velcro-city.co.uk
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1 Response to I Shall Eviscerate You In Fiction – Part 2

  1. pbristow says:

    So, dare one ask who’s got a minor but spectacularly messy role in your latest opus? It could be an incentive for anyone who knows ’em to want to buy it… =:o}

    In other, similarly dark, news, I hereby pimp a seasonable ditty (two days late, of alas) by Talis Kimberley:


    Shiver and enjoy!

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