Signing Tommorrow at Forbidden Planet

I shall be signing copies of my new book ‘Rivers of London’ and any other Ben related merchandise you might want signed, at Forbidden Planet tomorrow at 13:00 (that’s 1 PM in old money). Be sure to get their early to avoid disappointment (particularly mine).

Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore.
179 Shaftesbury Avenue

About Paul Graham Raven

Science fiction, foresight, (post)humanities, infrastructure futures research. Guitarist, scruffy mountebank. Opinions mine, not my employer's. Velcro City ·
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1 Response to Signing Tommorrow at Forbidden Planet

  1. Uncivil Serpent says:

    Thanks for the signing.

    As mentioned – there’s a senior investigating officer in a certain regulatory / law enforcement type of place who might or might not use cartomancy as a means of augmenting her team’s good work.

    Obviously we couldn’t use any of her readings as evidence in any hearing, but could certainly use them for intelligence purposes… apparently everything is intelligence led these days, though I’m not entirely sure how the Hermit, Six of Cups and the Empress Inverted would all fit into the National Intelligence Model (for more about NIM see: and

    Anyhow, thanks again for signing my copy of Rivers of London, I can’t wait for Moon over Soho.

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